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Computer Maintenance

Our fees:
A maintenance contract cost $40 per month for each computer and provides the below monthly benefits.1&3


Microsoft Updates
Third Party Updates (Java, Flash, Firefox, Adobe Reader, etc.)

Malware Protection

Licensed antivirus software
Licensed antimalware software
Antimalware updates
Quick malware scan (scans for viruses, adware, spyware, etc.)
     In the event a infection is found a clean-up will be performed.2

Cleanup (optional)

Clean temporary internet files & cookies
Clean temporary files from hard drive


1 hour of remote support time per month

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Important Notes:
1Purchasing a computer maintenance package grants Trinity Technology Services LLC and it's employees remote access to your computer for the above items to be completed each month. A remote access agent will be installed on your computer as well as any other software needed to perform monthly computer maintenance tasks or any additional maintenance tasks requested by the customer. A monthly date and time will be worked out for Trinity Technology Services LLC to perform the computer maintenance. It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer is on and accessible each month for the arranged time. In the event that the computer is not accessible during the arranged date and time, the above tasks will not be performed that month and no refund will be provided.
2In the event that cleaning up an infection takes longer than an hour you will be contacted and asked if you want to pay the hourly support fee of $40 an hour to finish cleaning up the infection.
3By signing up for a computer maintenance package you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and other policies

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