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Our variety of solutions

We provide a variety of services and welcome the opportunity to assit you with your technology needs. At the right of your screen you can browse our services to get detailed information including pricing. Keep in mind that Trinity Technology Services LLC is dedicated to giving you the best customer service and if you have any questions at all we encourage you to Contact Us.

Our main services:

Website and Email

Most of the time people just need a place to host their website or email. Sometimes a customer needs Trinity Technology Services to maintain the content on their website or redesign their website. If something goes wrong you talk directly to me, not to a support department.

Data Wiring

Whether it's for business or residential, Trinity Technology Services runs a variety of data wire including TV (RG6) cable, telecom, network (CAT6), alarm, security cameras, etc. Please contact us about your data wiring project today.

Computer Repair

Trinity Technology Services provides diagnostic and repair services for hardware and software. This includes removing malware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.), decluttering storage, removing startup programs, etc.

Managed Services

Trinity Technology Services will work as an extension of your business or home so you can fully offload your IT needs. I will manage your technology needs so you can have peace of mind and stay focused on what you need, whether it’s business or personal. Please open the information flyer by clicking on the above link.

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