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Our variety of solutions

We provide a variety of services and welcome the opportunity to assit you with your needs. At the right of your screen you can browse our services to get detailed information including pricing. Keep in mind that Trinity Technology Services LLC is dedicated to giving you the best customer service and if you have any questions at all we encourage you to Contact Us.

Popular services:

Website / Email Hosting

Most of the time people just need a place to host their website or email. We provide hosting with a friendly customer relationship. In other words if something goes wrong you talk directly to me, not to a support department.

Data Wiring

Home or business we run a variety of data wire including TV (RG6) cable, telecom, internet (CAT6), alarm, security cameras, etc. We will not run wire through crawl spaces.

Computer Repair

We primarily work on the software side of computers, removing malware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.), decluttering storage, removing startup programs, etc. We also provide hardware repair diagnostics and repair.

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