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Handy computer tools

On this page you will find tools to assist in repairing computers. These tools are free and meant to save you time and money.

Switch Scripter

As anyone who makes frequent network interface edits to Cisco switches knows, all of the ports you want to change are not always in one nice range. Switch Scripter will sort the network interfaces and automatically script the commands you specify for all of the one of interfaces on a Cisco network switch.

The change log can be found here.

Lazy Fix

A easy to use tool for Windows 7 that offers one click buttons to fix very common problems. I believe that Lazy Fix is an essential tool for any PC Technician or Help Desk to have. Version 1.5 Beta 1 is a start and provides mostly network fixes, however we are quickly working towards the final release of version 1.5, which will add:
  • Improved network interface and connection fixes
  • File Association Fixes for XP, Vista, and 7
  • Repaired bugs from version 1.0
The best part is Lazy Fix is 100% free and contains NO malware,spyware, or viruses. Lazy Fix was produced to help people easily fix their computer and move on with life! If you have a problem within Windows 7 and know the solution to the issue just let us know and we will do what we can to add that one button fix to Lazy Fix.
We should set some things straight...
  • If Lazy Fix does not fix your issue it's not our fault
  • Lazy Fix is provided without a warranty
  • Lazy Fix can be distributed freely
  • Lazy Fix can be used by anyone including companies, organizations, educational institutions, etc.
  • Do not try to reproduce or modify Lazy Fix as it is protected under a Copyright.

Recommended Software (all free)

Cloud Backup and File Storage

If you have important files that need backed up or even if you just want some files accessible from all of your devices we have a couple of cloud file storage and backup solutions that we would recommend:

  • Livedrive - This allows files to be synced across devices and allows you to backup devices. The encryption only seems to occur during transfers of files, therefore files appear to be stored unencrypted on their servers.
  • Spideroak - This allows files to be synced across devices and allows you to backup devices. It appears that not only are your files encrypted during transfer but they are also encrypted on their servers.

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